Virtual Reality for
Psychological Well-being.

VR Therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic intervention to help children, teenagers and adults on many psychological conditions.

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It is a tool that effectively facilitates the application of psychological evaluation and intervention protocols. The technology allows mental health professionals to evaluate and identify the fears and anxieties of the client within the safety of a therapy room.


Controlled scientific studies for more than 2 decades have proven the effectiveness of VR Therapy.

Privacy and Safety

Both the therapist and client have complete control of what is happening at all times.


An indoor therapy setting allows the therapist to treat the clients without leaving the office.


Ability to carry out treatments in difficult-to-access simulation configurations.

Personalized Treatment

Greater control of the stimuli which can be adjusted to suit the client’s needs.

Beyond the Reality

Ability to recreate and repeat scenes as many times as necessary goes beyond reality.

Time Control

The client does not have to wait for the events to take place in real life but can reproduce real-life scenarios.

Greater Control

The therapist has greater control over what the client experiences during the session at all times.

Real-life scenarios

VR therapy provides the opportunity for the therapist to not only reproduce real-life scenarios but also to adapt and control these environments to suit the individual needs of their clients.