What is amaxophobia?

Amaxophobia is the pathological fear of driving a car. When we say pathological, we mean that the very idea of having to carry out this activity - driving a car - generates physical disorders in the person. This phobia affects people of both sexes. Statistics in Europe indicate that it is suffered by people who are between 30 and 40 years of age and that it is suffered by 6% of the population..

Some extreme cases of extreme amaxophobia can destroy a person's social, work or professional life. Fear seizes them to such an extent that it prevents them from using a vehicle even if they are not the drivers.

People suffering from this pathology must understand that they are victims of irrational fear. As with all phobias, it’s important to receive professional therapeutic support to establish the most appropriate help. Not all cases are the same and do not have the same origin.

Virtual Reality Therapy for Amaxophobia

Our amaxophobia environments allow the patients to confront their fear of driving in two different scenarios: driving on the highway and in the city. Variables such as driving, rain, traffic, nightfall and more can all be modified to best suit your patient’s treatment.

VR Environments that help

Driving on the highway

The environment simulates driving on a highway with three lanes, curves, tunnels and bridges.

Building rooftop

A virtual building will transport us to its rooftop.

Driving in the city

The environment simulates driving through the city with traffic lights and traffic jams.

VR Therapy involves gradually introducing the person to confront the fear in driving and helping them to adapt and make necessary changes. It may involve just a few sessions of therapy, after which the end goal is the person confronting such fears and be confident in driving.

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